#13 Eyelashes

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What it is: It is a pair of top quality false eyelashes that can be worn multiple times.

What it does: It accentuates the eyes and adds the finishing touch to your favorite makeup look.

What else you'll love: 
  • Durable
  • 100% Natural Hair
  • Comes in over 50 styles!
  • Choose Options from 1 pair to 12 pair set.

    Save When You Buy Sets of Lashes:

    • Save $6 When You Buy 6 Pair Set
    • Save $16 When You Buy 12 Pair Set

    How to Use: Before applying, remove from packaging carefully and make sure to wiggle band to loosen. Take the time to measure against eye and trim to fit. Now apply glue and apply lashes in your favorite way. 

    Beauty Tip:

    • How to apply the glue? For quick and easy application, add directly from tube to lash strip. Let it get tacky for a few quick seconds before applying to the eyes. This way the eyelash strip will stick and stay sooner.
    • How to apply lashes? There are many way to apply lashes. One quick and easy way to apply is using tweezers. Hold the eyelash strip by the center and place in the center of area close to your natural lash line . Make sure to not touch your natural eyelashes. Handle with care and safety.



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